Monday, 22 September 2014

New project with new engine

A month ago, suddenly a game idea popped out in my head. To proceed with the idea, I got a producer friend to help with with the game. Everyone was interested with the idea I had and now we already have a small team.

While I wasn't sure the artist situation, the game engine has been decided to be Cocos2D-X. These past weeks I have been playing around with Cocos2D-X physics and last week I finally finished our prototype. I couldn't say much about the project I am working at the moment. I can only say that we target to release this game on mobile device.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Technical interview quest day 1

Finally I stopped myself from googling/ reading article about technical interview and start focusing on the coding practice. Today the topic I did are:
  1. Array, dynamic array (yup, I am reinforcing my basic data structure and algorithm daily)
  2. Describe C++ casting
  3. Which one is faster: while(1) or while(2)
  4. Programming question:  write a function that put a C string without looping constructs or using local variables. Then implement a reverse string function the same manner as the first one.
  5. Programming question: write a function that reverse a string (similar to above but instead of printing the string inside the function, we want the function to return the reverse of the input string).
  6. Programming question: write a function that reverse a sentence.
  7. Programming question: write a function to compute nth fibonacci number.
  8. Programming question: print out the grade-school multiplication table up to 12x12

Saturday, 19 July 2014

More good reading to prepare technical interview

Yup. I decided to start re-learn basic computer science today but I ended up reading a lot of good article about technical interview. Well, it's not bad - not at all. Instead, it helped me understand better the point of technical interview. Understanding what the interviewers looking through either the phone interview or the on-site interview, will prepare me better how to tackle them. Of course, I still need to do more practice. So, these are the links I found good to read: